Challo Driver Hindi Movie Review

Challo Driver Hindi Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Challo Driver
Cast – Vickrant Mahajan, Kainaz Motivala, Prem Chopra
Director – Vickrant Mahajan
Release Date – 20 July 2012


The story is that of a puritanical slave-driver-with-a-heart Arjun Kapoor (played by Mr director Vickrant Mahajan himself) and a typical Punjabi girl with an attitude Tanaya Malhotra (Kainaz Motivala). Tanaya, in need of money in order to start her own adventure travel agency, slips into the driver’ s seat to play chauffeur to Arjun and that is what the entire film revolves around, a woman doing a man’s job and dealing with the verbal sexual harassment that follows women stepping out of conventional roles.

The performances are strictly average. After her strong performance in Ragini MMS, the bar was set high but Motivala, sadly, falls short. While there are moments where she is charming, she looks too made up and delivers her dialogues like an 8-year-old in a school play. Mahajan should have stuck to direction and let an actual actor with actual acting skills take the lead. Prem Chopra is okay but not worth going on about, and what VJ Juhi is doing in the film with her blank face and flat dialogue delivery is beyond me.

The concept behind Challo Driver is decent enough but a bad script, uninspiringperformances and the dialogues ruin what could have been a feel-good flick.