All the Best Telugu Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – All the Best
Cast – JD Chekravarthy, Srikanth, Lucky Sharma, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam
Director – JD Chekravarthy
Genre – Comedy
Release Date – 29 June 2012


A weak plotline doesn’t help matters too much either. Ravi (Srikanth) is a good natured young man who is desperate to save his father (Kota Srinivasa Rao) from going to jail. He is wrongly implicated in a case of fraud. He runs into Chandu, a smooth talking conman who can talk his way out of any situation. The two plan to take dupe a Dubai-based gangster Rahman (Pradeep Rawat) with a forged property papers. But then it turns out nothing is what it seems and the whole plan was a decoy for something else.

The performances vary from mediocre to satisfactory. JD Chekravarthy tried hard to impress with his Godavari slang but it all looks a little too laboured. The music is passable with the exception of a couple of tunes. There is nothing much to write about the other departments for they are all a little too run of the mill.

Billa 2 Tamil Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Billa 2
Cast – Ajith Kumar, Parvathy Oomanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal, Sudanshu Panday
Director – Chakri Toleti
Genre – Action
Release Date – 13 July 2012


Billa 2 is a medium-paced action thriller with lots of blood-shed but mercifully no gore. The film that is a prequel to the 2007 Ajith Kumar film Billa, sends out just message. If people are inconvenient or disloyal, just kill them all and come back alone.

Coming to the protagonist—Ajith’s entry on screen at the multiplex where we watched Billa 2 was greeted with deafening whistles. Though his screen character is uni-dimensional, Ajith manages to charm with his lop-sided smile and some heavyweight dialogue. Check this out–`another man’s fear is our strength’; `to be my friend you don’t need any qualifications—but to be my enemy you certainly need status.’ Whistle, clap, clap when more of these lines are thrown at an audience that has put Ajith on a pedestal long enough.

If you’re a Ajith fan—Billa 2 is a must. If you’re an action aficionado, it’s a treat. If you’re neither, then don’t bother.

Naan Ee Tamil Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Naan Ee
Cast – Kiccha Sudeep, Samantha, Nani, Santhanam
Director – S S Rajamouli
Genre – Romance
Release Date – 6 July 2012


Rajamouli’s ‘Naan Ee’ is a film that requires suspension of disbelief but it goes about its task in such a brilliant manner that you have no choice but to surrender willingly — and gleefully — to its charms. It is a premise that is sure to make many a filmmaker smack his forehead and exclaim ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’ As in his biggest hit ‘Magadheera’, revenge and reincarnation are the themes of the director’s latest offering, but the difference here is that the hero is reborn as one of the lowliest of creatures — a housefly. And, what a difference it makes!

The film is a technical triumph, especially the visual effects by Makuta VFX. Barring the scene when it hatches from the egg and certain close-ups that clearly scream animation, the housefly is a success, right from the red compound eyes and body hair to the almost transparent wings. The background score by Maragadhamani (known as Keeravani in Telugu) perfectly complements the film. The songs, rather than being speed bumps in the screenplay, actually take it forward.

Rajamouli ends with a killer punchline that isn’t uttered and your only reaction as it flashes on the screen is to stand and applaud. This is a bravura piece of commercial filmmaking that is an unqualified triumph in every aspect.

Saguni Tamil Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Saguni
Cast – Karthi, Pranitha, Santhanam, Prakash Raj
Director – Shankar Dayal N
Genre – Drama
Release Date – 22 June 2012


If you have a sense of deja vu while reading the plot synopsis of ‘Saguni’, you are bang on. The film is actually a rehash of Dharani’s ‘Dhool’, which was about a villager (played by Vikram) coming to the city to solve his village’s problem only to earn the wrath of a minister. But while ‘Dhool’ was a paisa vasool entertainer despite being over-the-top, ‘Saguni’ is an underwhelming film that squanders more than it saves. But what salvages it from being downright trite is the lightness of touch that it has during its first half.

While Saguni of the Mahabarata is considered the greatest gambler, this film could be called the great ambler as it coasts along from one plot point to another without really making any significant impression or making you care for its characters. Think of it as a fake model of a high-end mobile phone that you get in Burma Bazaar — it has all the features, only that they aren’t as effective as they should be.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai
Banner – FilmyBox Movies
Cast – Suniel Shetty, Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri, Neena Gupta, Udita
Director – Rajnish Raj Thakur
Release Date – 20 July 2012


Picture Abhi Baki Hai is a satire on the erratic functioning of Bollywood as an industry. The action hero wants to do romance but the romantic guy wants the girl in an action-heavy scene. What the girl wants is nobody’s concern. It’s a male-dominated industry with the women acting as mere subjects of a fetish or in exploitative sex scenes.

The performances range from the bearably decent to the plain awful to the awfully bad. Suniel Shetty enacts his role with sincerity and it can be said that he has still got it in him, while Rajpal Yadav, as the increasingly delusional extra who feels he has something ‘extraordinary’ in him, is just annoying.

Veteran actors Neena Gupta and Om Puri [ Images ] don’t do much but loudly embarrass themselves, while Udita Goswami looks as if she is auditioning for her part rather than playing it.

This was an engaging script, a largely untried satirical approach to Bollywood, which could have been so much more if a competent director was at the helm.

Gattu Hindi Movie Review

Cast & Crew

Film – Gattu
Banner – Children’s Film Society India
Cast – Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar, Jayant Das
Director – Rajan Khosa
Release Date – 20 July 2012


“Gattu” is an endearing peep into a child’s life as he struggles with intuitive intelligence to bring together the two incompatible worlds of poverty and the solace of schooling.

All the kids, especially Mohammad Samad in the title role, are delightful in their natural ability to own the camera space.

Director Rajan Khosa enters the world of innocence with devious intent. He penetrates the surface of juvenile guilelessness to explore the cunning that often underlines the machinations of the the very young.

Sandesh Shandilya’s ebullient songs and music brings its own spot of sunshine in this not-to-be-missed tale about coming of age.

“Gattu” carries forward the recent trend of sensible, intelligent funny and moving films about child protagonists, namely Taare Zameen Par, I Am Kalam and Stanley Ka Dabba. Add one more film to that luminous list of cinema on little wonders.